Classic Classes - Task 10

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Wednesday 24 August 2005
by  Marc salama
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10th Classic Classes World Championship in Grange Dieu, France.

Courses Director : Robert Keene.

To fly for as long as possible on a limited amount of fuel.

Competitors will be given:
- 4 kilos fuel for single seaters
- 8 kilos for 2 seaters


Competitors will drain their tanks and then take their aircraft to line up on the far side of the runway in the order shown on the line up sheet.

Each pair of teams will check that tanks are empty and that the engines will run until they stop.

When all of both the teams’ engines have stopped, the fuel trailer, accompanied by marshals will arrive to deliver the pre weighed fuel.

When all of the fueling is done the planes will be in quarantine and must not be visited again until the competitors are ready to fly, unless accompanied by a marshal.

The take off window will be announced on the PA system.

Take off:

When the take off window opens, competitors will push their planes out of the line, and prepare to fly. A marshal will then wave them into the take off deck.

Take off and landing will be done from the main runway although ONLY the landing will be done in a box.


Competitors will fly through a gate to end their score before ending their duration time. This will either be the main road or the minor road depending on runway used.

And a straight in approach will be followed by a 100 meter box landing.
If the main deck is occupied another one may be used.
Flight Safety.

As the task is to be flown to empty tanks, pilots must look out for other aircraft preparing to land engine off. A proper look-out must be kept at all times. An aircraft joining another in a thermal shall circle in the same direction as that established by the first regardless of height separation.

There is not a restricted area to fly in, although any flight within the areas marked on the competition map will score zero.

GPS Flight Recorders.

If the track has not been recorded for more than 5 minutes competitors will score zero, therefore ensure it is working.

Any out landing will score zero

Duration scores:

Pilots score = Pilots time/ Longest time x 1000

The following penalties will apply:

- Landing deck penalty : 20%
- Breach of Quarantine : 100%
- Flight in a prohibited area : 100%
- Any concealed fuel found : 100%
- Landing out : 100%

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